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The Biofibre Procedure

If you don't want to wait months for post-transplant regrowth but expect immediate results, the Biofibre solution is the best option for you. Performed under local anesthesis, this ambulatory procedure is simple enough : 15 to 45 cm strands of synthetic hair that match you actual hair colour perfectly are implanted in your scalp. All types of hair variations are available too : straight, curly or frizzy. The physical result is immediate and the psychological relief is too.

Who is the Biofibre procedure for ?

The Biofibre technology is aimed at providing men and women of all ages who suffer from baldness with a natural, non-invasive and immediate hair implant solution. There are a few notable medical contraindications to be mentioned. Numerous allergies and skin deseases may prevent your access to this treatment. A sound general health and a healthy scalp are required, as well as regular and healthy hair care routines.

Tolerance tests will be performed and the procedure will only be greenlighted if they are all successful. It is required that patients agree to and apply strictly Biofibre post-procedure protocols. Last but not least, our patients are required to agree to occasional post-procedure retouches for an optimal upkeep of the initial result.

About the implantation procedure

The Biofibre procedure allows the implantation of synthetic hair strands that are identical in colour and texture to your actual hair’s appearance. The Biofibre implantation procedure is only performed by specifically trained practicians who are Biofibre-approved. The Biofibre procedure and the specifically-designed implantation tools allow practicians to weave the synthetic hair into the scalp with knots made just above the cranium. These knots are pain-free and scar-free.

800 to 1500 strands of hair are implanted in one session ; if your baldness is severe, multiple sessions may be required in order to maintain hair density. In such a case, a 1 to 2-week waiting period is required to truly assess new implantation requirements. An already-implanted area will need to rest for 3 to 4 weeks before an eventual correction or addition. The procedures are ambulatory and you will be able to resume your daily activities immediately. In any case, one year after the initial procedure, an audit is required so as to decide whether corrective or additive procedures should be performed.

Post-implantation treatments

In order to guarantee longlasting and good-looking results, it is necessary to take daily care of your hair. The scalp is a profusely vasculated area that also produces an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is a natural protective barrier aimed at maintaining the health and vitality of your hair by protecting it again sunlight, UVs, harsh weather conditions, sweat etc.

You want to take care of your scalp by washing away the excess of sebum and sweat. The hair wash should be gentle, not too thorough or rough ; shampoos designed for sensitive hair are strongly recommended. Shampoo every other day, and optionnally brush your hair along the implantation direction ; use a wide-pinned comb and start at the tips, moving towards the roots gradually. After exposure to seawater or after swimming in a chlorinated pool, or after a session at the spa or in a cacuzzi, simple rinse you hair with tap water and shampoo it. When using a sauna, it is recommended to cover your hair with a clean and moist towel so as to protect your synthetic hair.

A very safe procedure

Biofibre’s quality and safety standards are extremely high. The percentage of satisfied clients reaches 90% and only less that 5% of patients report post-procedure inflammatory reactions. Each and every artificial hair strand has been tested for high physical, chemical and mecanical stress. The final result is exceptionnally long-lasting. Very few strands cause rejection reactions by the body as all the tests performed prior to the implantation guarantee biological compatibility with your scalp.

At any time, a graft may be removed for any reason ; it will leave the scalp clean and ready for other potential hair loss treatments or procedures. The way the strand is knotted allows for easy extraction and when this is done, scarring very scarcely occurs (1 to 2% of cases only). The high level of technicality involved with Biofibre implants means that only highly specialized and trained practicians can perform the procedure on clients who have been well informed about Biofibre and its implications. This guarantees excellence in implantation quality and very high levels of patient satisfaction.

Interested by the Biofibre procedure?

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