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The ARTAS Innovation

A proven technology, available across the world

The ARTAS robotic hair transplant procedure

The ARTAS™ system is a cutting edge medical technology which allows the transplant of hair follicles in a very safe, effective and consistent way. It’s the result of over 8 years of R&D and has been thoroughly tested. The technology has been approved by French and International sanitary regulation authorities and offers exceptional hair restoration results, all in an ambulatory procedure.

The ARTAS™ System uses Recipient Site Making to implement your treatment design which is carefully created with the ARTAS Hair Studio Technology : a precise cartography of hair follicles is created and analyzed. Using the process of robotic Recipient Site Making, the ARTAS System preserves your existing, healthy hair and the natural look of the donor area. Survival and growth rates of the transplanted hair depends entirely on the meticulous creation of these robotic recipient sites. The patient’s head movements are tracked and the ARTAS™ system adjusts itself to them.

The ARTAS™ Group

A recognised brand and its thriving network at the service of robotic hair transplantation

The ARTAS™ technology was developed by Restoration Robotics, a US-based company founded in 2002. Since its FDA approval in 2011, it has spread around the world and its success keeps growing thanks to proven results.

There are currently 240 ARTAS™ robots in the world ; 260 ARTAS™ procedures are performed daily.

There are only 7 ARTAS™ robots in France, and only two in Paris, the first ever having been acquired by The Clinic.

ARTAS™ Robots Worldwide
ARTAS™ Hair Transplants Performed Daily
ARTAS™ Robots In France Only
ARTAS™ Robot In Paris, including one at The Clinic

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