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Nano Fat Transfer

PRP and its role in hair growth

Platlet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, is a technique used in beauty treatments (face and skin) and in hair loss treatments. It works the same way in both cases : a small blood sample is drawn from the patient and is then put through a centrifugal process so as to extract playlet-rich plasma from it. This plasma is the most platelet-rich substance that can be extracted from the human body. Not only does it boost hair growth, il also helps the hair follicle and the skin to heal after a hair transplant procedure, whether it be a manual FUE procedure (usually performed for beard grafts) or a robotised ARTAS hair transplant procedure (for patients with scalp balding symptoms).

Nano Fat Transfer

The Nano Fat Transfer procedure consists in the extraction of a small sample of the patient’s own fat ; this fat is added to the PRP solution so as to further enhance its healing and hair growth-boosting power. The fat can be taken from anywhere on the body, depending on where the patient’s body stores it most. Excellent results can be obtained with a very small sample. This extracted fat it ultra-filtered using a specially designed filtering kit, allowing for the production of an extract that has a very high concentration of regenerative stem cells.

About the PRP and Nano Fat Transfer combination

When PRP is mixed with ultra-filtered body fat, the solution becomes particularly effective. The growth and regeneration of cells within the scalp is accelerated and there are spectacular improvements regarding the area’s overall healing : it is faster and more effective, allowing for quick and dense hair regrowth. The injection of this solution can be performed at two distinct moments, addressing two different needs.

  • If you feel that you are starting to lose hair but that the loss is slow, gradual and doesn’t bother you too much, the solution can be injected to treat your mild baldness as it will boost stem cells and enhance hair growth within existing hair follicles. Your hair will start growing thicker and won’t thin as much. In this case, the procedure is a simple PRP injection treatment using a regular injection « gun », it is painless and can be performed without the use of a local anaesthetic.
  • If you experience a lot of hair loss and the balding bothers you, maybe you are considering an ARTAS-assisted robotic hair transplant procedure. In this case, the solution is injected prior to the procedure, thereby preparing your scalp (recipient area) for the coming grafts : they will « take hold » more efficiently and the regrowth will be enhanced. Your new hair grafts will be able to adapt to the recipient area faster and the healing process will effectively be boosted by the prior injections. Expect a thicker, healthier, shinier head of hair and much quicker results! The overall result will be even more natural-looking than it would otherwise be.

FAQs about PRP and Nano Fat Transfer

  • How much blood is needed for a PRP injection session ?

About 10ml of blood is drawn, but this amount can vary slightly depending on the nature and size of the area to be treated. PRP is a highly concentrated solution of platelets, hence the small volume of blood that is required.

  • Why isn’t the solution red as blood ?

Once the blood is drawn, it goes through a centrifugation process that filters out red blood cells. The blood and fat samples used for the injections come from your own body, there are absolutely no additives of foreign substances of any kind, it is all natural.

  • Are the blood and fat sampling procedures painful and do they leave a scar ?

PRP is made from blood which is drawn the same way as it is for other purposes (blood analysis). Sampling fat from your body for the Nano Fat Transfer isn’t any more painful. Neither procedure leaves the slightest scar.

  • Why is this PRP + fat solution so effective ?

When these solutions are injected into the scalp, hair growth factors (PDGF, TGF, VEGF) are registered. These factors will enhance the blood flow (vascularisation) and tissue growth in the treated area.

Several papers published in the “Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery” (2016) prove that during the anagen hair growth cycle, the treatment offers unequivocally good results. A specific article in this Journal titled “Platelet-rich plasma in androgenic alopecia: Indications, technique, and potential benefits” indicates that the solution prolongs the anlagen phase, which is usually short in time. Also, the addition of fat boosts regrowth and healing.

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