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The Hybrid Punch

The Hybrid Punch is a very recent innovation that is spearheading progress in the field of manual FUE technology. This technology retains all the precision of classic manual FUE techniques but it also allows the surgeon to work faster and with even further precision. The procedure is less tiring for the practitioner, thus allowing him to stay perfectly focused throughout the procedure. A notable advantage for the patient is that he needs to stay still for a shorter period of time during follicle extraction.

An Oscillatory Movement

The system uses a pedal-controlled throttle that by modulating the motor’s speed allows the surgeon to use the punch with greater flexibility. By adjusting the speed of the punch perfectly, the system allows for heightened precision during follicle extraction. Also, contrary to the rotating sharp punch, the Hybrid Punch has an oscillatory movement. This characteristic lowers the risk of trauma to the extracted graft : indeed, the punch finds its way gently around the follicle, « boring » itself a clean path around the unit without cutting through the follicle’s delicate tissues.

A Flared Punch Tip

The main specificity of the Hybrid Punch is its flared tip – the end of the punch has the shape of a trumpet, meaning that the sharp side of it is at a 90 degrees angle facing outward from its tip. This way, only the outside part of the punch has a cutting effect, whereas the inner side acts like a funnel. This specific shape makes this system the perfect hybrid between sharp and dull punches : some degree of pressure is required for the punch to enter the scalp and once the tip has pierced the skin, the tool doesn’t damage the follicle as it gently finds a way around the tissues to be grafted. The Hybrid Punch can reach deep, « sliding » around the follicle in a way that keeps transection rates at a record low.

Unequaled Yield

The above mentioned characteristics mean that this newly designed manual FUE punch is the most precise and safe technology out there. Healthy graft yields are optimised. 

Healthy Grafts, Optimised Hair Regrowth

The grafts that are extracted using this new method are particularly healthy and plump, they are full and perfectly preserved. Once re-implanted using an injector pen, they will allow for spectacular regrowth. The procedure ensures very consistent results, with great hair density. Not only is the extraction phase a more comfortable and speedy procedure for the patient, but the final result is also better : regrowth is optimised.

This new invention has thoroughly been tested by big names in the world or hair restoration and all have praised it and have agreed that this is a notable improvement in the field of hair grafting technology.

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