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or "Strip technique"

A more traditional hair transplant technique which remains a very good option in some cases

About the FUT or hair strip technique

The FUT or hair strip technique remains the most commonly performed technique worldwide. It was developed some 40 years ago.

The technique works as follows : a strip of the scalp measuring between 1,5 and 2cm high and between 15 and 20cm wide is extracted at the back of the head (donor area). The hair from this area is programmed to stay strong and keep growing, wherever it is grafted.

Only a certified plastic surgeon car perform this extraction as it is truly a surgical procedure.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, as is the case for other hair transplant procedures.

Once the strip has been extracted, it is dissected into individual grafts by a highly trained technician and/or nurse.

These grafts consist of follicular units containing 1 to 3 hairs.

The follicular units are then implanted in the patients recipient area, generally at the front of the scalp or on the “crown” or vertex area, depending on the patient’s needs.

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