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Robotic Hair Transplant

The ARTAS™ system is a cutting edge medical procedure which extracts safely and very efficiently hair follicles that will then be grafted.

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PRP Treatment

This technique is becoming more and more popular in hair transplant protocols. It is already used widely and has been proven successful in plastic, dental and orthopaedic surgeries as well as in severe burn victims’ treatment.

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Restorative dermography

Scalp micropigmentation is the most appropriate term to describe this technique, as a very large number of micro-dots are applied to that scalp so as to give an impression of high hair density.

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More than 3000 grafts transplanted in a single day with the exclusive ARTAS™ technology.

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Beard Transplant

This procedure is usually performed on patients who’s beard looks irregular or has a sporadic density.

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Scalp Mesotherapy

This procedure consists of injections made in the scalp ; it slows down hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

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Member of the FUE Europe Society

The Clinic is an active member of the renown FUE Europe Society

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Searching for the perfect graft

1,000 FUs extracted in 48 minutes


The robotic ARTAS™ procedure improves surgical performance compared to manual techniques in three key fields where robotization has proven its efficiency with great results.

In the last decade, robotic procedures have dramatically improved various surgical procedures. These robotic systems have been developed to help surgeons perform difficult, repetitive and precise movements, thus greatly improving results.



With the minimally invasive ARTAS™ procedure, surgeons can offer reproductible, constant results to their patients, with shortened social eviction periods.

  • The intelligent algorithm  identifies the best follicles for extraction.
  • The quality level of grafts is hard to obtain with manual techniques.
  • The precise and uniform extraction pattern preserves the look of the donor area.
  • The 2-step graft procedure means there with be no scars on the scalp.


The digital interface allows the surgeon to visualize the extraction pattern by identifying every individual follicular unit and its extraction sequence.

This cutting edge digital imagery technology produces a cartography of the patient’s scalp and allows the analysis of hair density and follicle quality. The extra precision the ARTAS™ technology provides allows for a meticulous and waste-free, transplant-ready follicular unit extraction.



  • My procedure was performed on Thursday and I am already back at work. Hats off to Assaf BENDAVID who very precisely diagnosed my condition and who explained everything to me during our 2 pre-procedure interviews. A big thank you to the entire team at The Clinic, they did their job with great professionalism and made sure I felt at ease during the whole time. The implantation process went very well, I was impressed by the very efficient technique shown by the team members in charge of graft implantation. 1875 grafts were robotically extracted in all with the ARTAS machine. I can’t wait to see the final results in a few months’ time.

    Joël C.
  • Dear Sir, I whished to thank you for welcoming me so well at The Clinic and above all for a hair transplant procedure that went as I was told it would go. I had doubts and nervous about undergoing the Artas procedure, there are so many different opinions on web forums that it is difficult to make a choice confidently.

    I left the Clinic right after the procedure and didn’t experience any pain for the rest of the day. I was able to resume my daily activities immediately. It’s now been 30 days since the transplant and I can’t wait to see the final results !

    Mathieu C.
  • We are back in Toulouse and would like to give you some feedback : everything went well : there was no bleeding, no headache, no pain or itching sensation.
    I wanted to thank you as well as the entire team at The Clinic for your kindness and for your overall care taking during my ARTAS session. Also, thank you for transplanting more grafts than initially planned for the same agreed fee.
    I know of many people around me who might be interested in this procedure but who have until now been reluctant to try a hair transplant ; I will definitely tell them about your Clinic and your excellent services.

    Pierre T.
  • I had already undergone an unsatisfactory manual FUE procedure so decided to go for a second procedure with ARTAS. The team at The Clinic made me feel at ease and gave me ample information about the procedure. On the day of the procedure, preparatory work, including the shaving of the donor area, took 1 hour. After a slightly uncomfortable local anaesthesia, I didn’t feel anything anymore. 1,840 grafts were extracted in only 1 hour 40 mins. After my lunch break, the implantation process lasted no more than 2 hours 20 mins. I’m thrilled with the result and would like to thank the entire team for their kindness and professionalism.

    Julien C.
  • The team at The Clinic was of great support during my procedure which ended up being totally painless. It can be a little intimidating to sit under such a machine but the surgeon’s explanations regarding the robot’s performance and adjustability were very comforting. The only slightly uncomfortable aspect of the procedure was to have to stay still during the entire extraction process. Not a big deal given the great results.

  • The weeks have gone by since my procedure that was performed on April 7th, 2016. It’ll soon be a year and the final, permanent result of the translpant is starting to show. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to The Clinic and to doctor Aharoni and his team for this swift ambulatory ARTAS procedure, it was painless, has left no scar, and the result looks perfectly natural. I recommend The Clinic – THEY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING !

    Philippe G.
  • The Clinic’s handling of the entire procedure was so professionnal that it was a totally stressless experience. From the initial detailed explanations, where I got answers to all my questions, to the technologically advanced procedure itself, during which The Clinic’s team was of great support and assistance. Things happened exactly as I was told they would post-procedure, and their follow-up was top notch. I recommend The Clinic strongly, they are very competent.

    Jérôme V.
  • I was able to talk to the team and ask them questions throughout the procedure. Within less than 4 hours, the whole thing was over. I was very happy with the way things went at The Clinic and was very impressed by the team’s professionalism and attention to detail. I’d do it again without hesitation if I had to.

  • Deciding to resort to a hair transplant wasn’t an easy decision for me. Yet the surgeon was reassuring and answered all my questions. Now when I look back I wonder why I waited so long to go ahead with the procedure. I feel so much better today with my new head of hair.

  • I was apprehensive about the procedure but the team immediately put me at easy by explaining the entire procedure to me in detail. The rebotic extraction process was painless and I felt no post-procedure discomfort in my donor area. I strongly recommend The Clinic ; they’re very professional and know how to take care of their patients.

  • Already being a patient of Dr. Aharoni’s, I was one of the first people in France to undergo a robotic hair transplant procedure. Two months after a 300-grafts transplant (hairline area), I can see no remaining trace of the procedure. My donor area looks perfect and my newly implanted hairs are growing already.

  • It was a real pleasure to meet the team at The Clinic, their professionalism immediately convinced me I had made the right choice. I was apprehensive at first, as this is a relatively new technology, but the surgeons’s reputation and the team’s kindness was enough to put me at ease.

  • I thank the team at The Clinic from the bottom of my heart, their reassuring attitude helped me decide to go for the procedure ; the fact that it is a robotic procedure is a plus. I only experienced mild pain during a few days after the procedure and I am looking forward to seeing the results.

  • I just wanted to express my satisfaction having gone through a surgery operation for grafts implants at the Clinic in Paris. I was first seeking for someone mastering the ARTAS tech which appeared to be by far the best trade off for me, painless and without scar. The great advantage of it was also to benefit from a good yield for hair extraction; this turned out when we managed with the team to extract me no less than 3005 grafts within 3 small hours; this in my case was accounting for 6000 hair. 4 hours were not too much to reimplant them with 2 gifted ladies one placing the graft and the other implanting it with a very small needle (Choi).

  • I chose The Clinic because they are the only practice able to offer a MEGA SESSION that allows the transplant of over 2200 grafts in a single session. I didn’t want to have to undergo 2 sessions. The result is extremely satisfying : 3000 follicular units were transplanted, and the extraction lasted only 3 hours with a transection rate of about 2,5%, which is totally unconceivable with a regular manual FUE procedure. Let’s not even mention FUTs and their big visible scars on the donor area…

  • I am very satisfied with the results of my ARTAS hair transplant (2200 grafts) and was impressed by the team’s professionalism. I’ve just come back from the hairdresser, I surely needed that visit! My scalp is a little sensitive and I still have minor red dots on my recipient area, but all in all I found the procedure very successful and I can’t wait for my new hair to grow!

    Yves K.
  • 4 months have gone by since my ARTAS hair transplant procedure. I can start to see the results ! My testimonial is basically this : don’t despair, be patient ! It takes time for the grafts to start growing. This has been a fantastic hair restoration experience overall. I’ll be able to see the definitive results within 8 months (it takes a year for the final result to be seen) ; so more patience is required at this stage. To anybody potentially interested by the ARTAS procedure I have only one thing to say : go for it!

  • I wanted to thank you for this procedure, it’s really tough to find a reliable hair transplant practice. I had already undergone 2 FUE procedures in Turkey and was unsatisfied with the results both times. I can now compare them with the ARTAS procedure and the latter is of much higher quality! You are a hundred times more professional, thorough, kind and you know how to explain everything in detail and make patients feel at ease. The results will be great thanks to the robotic technology and the meticulous team. I’ll certainly be recommending you! Thank you!

  • Thank you for your services and your care. The procedure was performed very professionally and the team was very available and reassuring.

    Nicolas L.R.
  • Dear Mr Bendavid, I am sending you this email to tell you that I am fully satisfied with the results of my robotized ARTAS hair transplant procedure performed by your team at The Clinic.
    The procedure was absolutely painless and the post procedure symptoms I was told to expect were mild ; by the 10th day after the transplant, they had gone away and I didn’t feel any further discomfort.
    It’s been 4 months since the procedure and my hair has grown well, as expected. I knew I wasn’t to expect a full head of hair given that I was almost bald to start with, the result is nevertheless fully satisfying, I am very happy with it.

    Claudio C.
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